Prothymos Technologies is proud of its main product line that boast of features and benefits which make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market. The main features and benefits of its core products, include the BARRAGE, which is the only product on the market of its kind that can be used with video games, PC gaming, WITH or WITHOUT Virtual Reality.  The BARRAGE will even work with your movie watching experience with streaming and Blu-ray/DVD devices.

The Barrage pad:

The BARRAGE is our patented technology concept for an Interactive Video Gaming Cushion that wraps around the waist of the gamer to help prevent the various injuries that can be linked to immersive game play. Comprised of a foam padding to absorb muscular strain off the body of the gamer following prolonged hours of play.  In addition the BARRAGE is a game changer because it allows the player to finally be able to feel the directional and situational actions taking place in the game through what we have termed as the ACTION PADS.  The BARRAGE uses haptic or tactile feedback technology to give off RUMBLE REACTIONS simulating the actual ACTIONS taking place in the video game.  As the gamer’s character gets hit, whether it be to the left, right, front, or back, the GAMER feels it through the pads on the BARRAGE . We utilize separate actuators which are strategically placed around the gamer’s waste which will RUMBLE in response to the action taking place in the game while at the same time promoting ergonomic support. Hence our slogan, “Feel the Game, Without the Pain.” This technology is transformational because never before have gamers been able to experience their games physically on a multi-angular level in such a compact way.

The BARRAGE Features:
1. 360 degree Impact Simulation
2. Hot/Cold In Game Temperature Simulation
3. Ergonomic Support
4. Works with other media (movies, sports games, television)
1. Quickens gamer response time
2. More immersive gaming experience
3. Ergonomic Design- users rest on the device, putting less pressure on the body

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